Washingtonians: Take Action

Speak Out Against Increased Insurance Rates Due to Permanent Regulations

A permanent rule issued earlier this year by Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler prohibits insurance companies from considering credit information when calculating individual insurer rates for three years – removing a key tool that has helped insurers accurately predict risk of claims, rate policies and reduce insurance costs for most consumers for two decades.

When he imposed the same rule last year, a million or more Washington policyholders were hit with dramatic insurance rate increases. It was especially harmful to seniors on fixed incomes. The court invalidated the emergency rule, but now the Commissioner is re-imposing a new rule – this time for three years – which could mean higher insurance costs for many more Washington families already struggling to recover from the pandemic.

Make sure your voice is heard on this critical issue—take action now! Speak out against higher insurance rates due to these regulations by sending a letter to your legislators today!